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           We are a New York City based bar, restaurant, and night club spotting service.  We are not a shopping company. We only do bar spotting and restaurant consulting.  We are the most successful bar spotting/ consulting company in New York City.  Our goal is to help bar and club properties alleviate cost problems, prevent thievery and screen for indifferent and non-productive employees.  Our service makes bar owners and managers aware of the employees who do not measure up.


            While many employees are honest, bartender thievery and ineffectiveness can result in substantial loss of customers and revenue.  Our service can give you some insight into what is happening at your bar such as buy backs, pour count, speed at serving, accounting for drinks at service bar, and of course thievery. All of our spotters are professionals with real world industry experience. Our employees are former bar and night club managers/owners or bartenders who have trained with us and understand and know exactly what we are looking for when we enter an establishment.


            Most bars have house policies, and our service is the best means of ensuring your bartenders are complying with those policies.  Our business is not only about catching a thief; it is also about maintaining your standards for running your business efficiently.


            Other services we provide are “invisible manager” in your dining room and board of health violation inspections.


            We have an extensive client list from college bars to fine dining. We can also send you some samples of our work.  If you have any questions about our services, please call Joe at (212) 673-2361 OR E-MAIL US AT NYCBARSPOTTING@YAHOO.COM.