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Invisible manager is a three hour spotting, which includes  barspotting. The main focus is to see how the entire operation works. We look for everything from how the hostess OR DOORMEN handles customers coming in, to the efficiency of the server.


When we are spotting a business, we look for the following critical details;


o       How we are seated IN THE DINING ROOM

o       How long it takes to be greeted or served by our server

o       How long it takes to get our drinks

o       How well the server knows the menu and specials

o       If any appetizers are offered when the main course order is taken

o       Does the server stop by the table when the food is delivered by a bus boy

o       Do servers offer a refill when they see empty glasses

o       Are empty plates removed quickly

o       Is coffee and dessert offered at the end of the meal

o       Do the servers know their jobs

o       Does the bus staff do their job without direction

o       Does the staff get along

o       Are YOUR STAFF working together ON THE FLOOR

o       Who is on the floor overseeing the operation

o             Is the food coming out of the kitchen quickly

o             Is the food coming out as ordered

o            How is the presentation on the plates